The latin word "cultura" is derived from the word "colo". It means to make things grow. 

Colo was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark – looking forward to contribute and participate.

Colo is focusing on technology, music and CSR.

To have a strong CSR (Corporate social responsibility) profile – Colo only use GOTS-certified organic fabrics and prints. GOTS is the strongest certificate worldwide and is covering both materials and work environment. Meaning GOTS is checking that organic materials live up to certain standards and regarding work environment - better salaries and no child labor.

The clothes is transported by ship to keep energy consumed by logistics to a minimum. 

To be completely sure, the Danish embassy checks if all the companies Colo work with are registered.

As a consumer it’s possible to help a lot too:

There is still no magic cure in the clothing industry - organic cotton produces less cotton per squaremeter than "conventional" cotton. Meaning it is even more important to buy less, but better clothes. 



Colo has also signed the Danish fashion ethical charter agreement:


Danish Fashion Ethical Charter focuses on five core values involving accountability, compassionate respect and health:

  1. We respect and protect industry employees (including models) and the colleagues we work with. We wish to ensure their health and safety, and we appreciate diversity.
  2. We are aware of and take responsibility for the impact the fashion industry has on body ideals, especially on young people.
  3. We wish to promote and work towards healthy lifestyles as well as a healthy body ideal that reflects a healthy relationship to food, body and exercise.
  4. We wish to promote and work towards greater diversity in the fashion industry regarding ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, size, socio-economic status, etc.
  5. We exhibit respectful behavior on photoshoots and at shows, including speaking nicely to one another and respecting one another’s (including models’) personal physical and mental boundaries.