Colo curated outside at the Parvati X Arcanum X Colo night this saturday. 

3 installations:

-> Meditating AI -> First an AI generated photo - then turned into an animation by 3D artist _V.3lo. Played in a flatscreen placed in an iron structure made by Laura Luella Guiseppi. Thanks to Roman Romanov for lending and putting it up. And thanks to Bagsværd jernhandel for wires. 

-> 3D printet sculpture. 3D figure again by _V.3lo - printed by Mads Sigvert. 

-> You can never get enough of the most seen picture ever - the windows bliss. Colo started to use it as a theme in the year 2015 (After others also did it during the vaporwave period). Here painted on a computer screen - idea by Colo and painted by collectivist at Lurendrejeren Angela Murphy. 

And lastly a relax area with a unicorn movie playing eternally. Video by Julien Tromeur (Julos)... and also a lot of unicorn teddys. 

Light and arrangement by Colo - with helping hands from Hugh Mcgrade and Joe Nielsen <3​

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