At this thing - everything COLO stands for will unfold...

Psytrance will take over everything - and so will transhumanism - so a very good combination this night:[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%7D]%7D
This will happen:
*First a lecture-mass about transhumanism by professor Nina Gierasimczuk (DTU) and Patrick Blackburn (RUC) -> a natural continuation of the whole ravescene -> Hackstage will make visuals + music by Jonas Falk
*Then a Colo movie showcasing ravers of DK -> with Sebastian (One of the many men owning rave-institutions in cph) getting killed by a feminist you can never tame -> which happens to be his own safer space boss -> safety first - always above power!
*And then presents from Colo - the clothing brand trying to sneak evil capitalistic plans into your brain in the best cover up ever. No - please read the event text. It is long - but maybe you are also looking for something... <3<3<3
Thanks to Parvati for believing in this reckless project! <3<3<3
No more rambling: Let's take a look at how radical psy-feminist-transhumanists preparty as they say (Pic underneath).
AND free baileys on the rox at 23 - how can you resist? 🧚‍♀️

Small sequences of insanity in this one.



Some years ago COLO gave Ben Goertzel clothes - because he makes open source artificial intelligence - meaning supporting the people. Now he's on Joe Rogan ->->-> It's heavy shizzle, good luck :)) 

Go check the "Colo lobbyism" tag to see the specially designed sweatshirt for Ben G - It says Robot in ethiopian where he has an artificial intelligence office :))

Could you have worn the god damn sweatshirt Ben? <3 <3 <3

Two tracks with the sound of faith during the covid crisis. COLO truly hopes you take care of yourself and not least everybody else. Everything will be alright. And if not, it will anyway.


Use headphones :)) 

Thanks a lot to Strøm festival for the collaboration: