Richard Devine X Colo (UNISEX) (Pre-release - While waiting for the next collection)

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Because it has been such a long time since a new collection has been released (Long story) - COLO have decided to pre-release an item. 

This time a collaboration with the very talented Richard Devine. Richard Devine x Colo. 

"Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer, currently employed by Apple (Former google). He is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound, combining influences from glitch music to old and modern electronic music. As a result of praise of his music from Autechre as well as a remix of Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy", Devine recorded an album for Warp Records which was jointly released by Schematic and Warp".

And yes - it is the Papyrus font that somehow sneaked into this motif. Maybe the graphic community understands why COLO says "oops" :))
Sizes are unisex which actually is "male" sizes - meaning a "female" sized body should buy a size smaller if wanting a regular fit.