At this thing - everything COLO stands for will unfold...

Psytrance will take over everything - and so will transhumanism - so a very good combination this night:[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%7D]%7D
This will happen:
*First a lecture-mass about transhumanism by professor Nina Gierasimczuk (DTU) and Patrick Blackburn (RUC) -> a natural continuation of the whole ravescene -> Hackstage will make visuals + music by Jonas Falk
*Then a Colo movie showcasing ravers of DK -> with Sebastian (One of the many men owning rave-institutions in cph) getting killed by a feminist you can never tame -> which happens to be his own safer space boss -> safety first - always above power!
*And then presents from Colo - the clothing brand trying to sneak evil capitalistic plans into your brain in the best cover up ever. No - please read the event text. It is long - but maybe you are also looking for something... <3<3<3
Thanks to Parvati for believing in this reckless project! <3<3<3
No more rambling: Let's take a look at how radical psy-feminist-transhumanists preparty as they say (Pic underneath).
AND free baileys on the rox at 23 - how can you resist? 🧚‍♀️